Super Inox exclusively uses AISI316L stainless steel to manufacture its products.
Nowadays used in various industries, this material offers countless important technical and aesthetic features, among them durability and high resistance to corrosion, crucial aspects for a product constantly in contact with water.
From an aesthetic point of view, steel offers various options, thanks to numerous surface-finishings, such as polished, brushed and satin finishing.

Main features:

  • resistance to corrosion
  • aesthetic performance
  • resistance to heat
  • biologically neutral 
  • hygienic, non-toxic, anti-bacterial
  • environment friendly and recyclable
  • easy to clean


AISI316L vs. AISI304L

Due to the differences in their chemical composition, AISI316L stainless steel has a higher resistance to corrosion in comparison to AISI304L: this is why we decided to use certified Italian AISI316L only.